February 11 Anané’s Nulu Movement Radio Show on HouseFm.net, 1 Year Anniversary


By Anané Vega:

It has been one year of Nulu Movement on HouseFMdotNet and I’m truly grateful for all the love and support coming from everyone worldwide. It has become a beautiful community of friends, family and fans gathering together to listen and chat in the Shoutbox, this is an uplifting and empowering example of the power of music.

My mission is to spread love and diversity through Nulu Movement (which represents both my labels Nulu and Nulu Electronic) an open platform to freely express musically via diverse genres.

Just got back from Tokyo Japan where Moon Ritual with Anané & Louie Vega was presented for the first time at club Contact and all I have to say is it was pure magic. So for this reason I recorded my live set and wanted to share it with you for this special one year anniversary of Nulu Movement on housefm.net

I want to thank Mikee and all of the HouseFMdotNet family for your dedicated work in giving this opportunity to showcase Nulu Movement and as always a big thank you to my right hand Christian Mantini.

Anané’s Nulu Movement Radio Show, every Saturday on housefm.net

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