Leonardo Chevy – Across The Orion Arm (ALBUM)


Leonardo Chevy is continuing to represent his personal style inside the world of Nulu Electronic with a massive full length album titled “Across The Orion Arm”.
An album requires a long process and dedication to bring an extensive body of work to life. Listening and exploring the creativity to each single sound easily gives you a Tech Track with a modern approach along with a special personality to give something new to the dj and the dance floor.
The result is impressing and the best way to play it is to simply listen to what we feel is innovative in electronic music with this album “Across The Orion Arm”.

1.Leonardo Chevy – Across The Orion Arm
2.Leonardo Chevy – Blow A Fuse
3.Leonardo Chevy – Growing Louder
4.Leonardo Chevy – Surrounded By Bubbles
5.Leonardo Chevy – The Clock Has Crashed
6.Leonardo Chevy – Along The City (Alternative)
7.Leonardo Chevy – A Blast Of Cold Air
8.Leonardo Chevy – Ironwood
9.Leonardo Chevy – Starting At Sunset
10.Leonardo Chevy – Overnight Echoes

Written, Mixed and Mastered by Leonardo Chevy at Vialocal Lab. (Catania, Italy)

Exclusive promo, March 7th – Traxsource
Release date, all digital outlets, March 21th – Beatport – Traxsource – iTunes

Listen to the preview: